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Sageism's Tueday - Mud

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all social distancing and being healthy and happy!

This morning I ran outside for a bit in the yard. I have so much fun. There are so many new smells out there, every day! It was raining yesterday and the yard is a bit wet. That's okay, it's just a little muddy. When I was done, I came right back inside and waited patiently for my breakfast.

When mom went to give me my breakfast, she asked why there were so many paw prints on the floor. Then she started laughing and put my food down for me. I don't know why she took pictures of me eating.

I mean, my feet were a little black...but it's just dirt! Comes right off.

So, if you are bored today, don't be scared to run around a bit outside in the yard, or where ever. Just be safe and no extra close to anyone. Dirt is okay though, it'll come right off!

Stay healthy everyone!

- Lady Sage

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