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Sageism's Tuesday - Thursday Edition

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. I've been busy since all the hoomans seem to be home more now. My mom has been busy with projects, like coloring with her friends. It's okay, because I get to go outside a lot more now during the day since she's home.

This is my new friend, Nester. He has a lot of energy. It's okay, he makes good company for the hoomans and me. And we traded food for a couple of days. He likes my kibble and I like his. Sometimes you learn new things and experience new flavors!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and to say that I hope you all have someone to keep company with in these days of staying home a lot. And don't worry about taking naps! It's great! Just plop down somewhere and snooze a little!

- Lady Sage

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