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Sageism's Tuesday - Communication

I went to my hoomans studio the other day. I find it boring. None of my friends are there. None of my toys are there. I don't like the couch, mine is better. I can't look out of the windows easily. There are lots of things I don't know. 

So while I'm there, I try to show her how we should leave. Because she doesn't speak dog and I don't know how to speak hooman. But when I show her and where we need to go, she gets it. AND then we leave! I just need to remember to be patient. Sometimes it takes her a little while. I just keep trying until she gets it. 

So next time you're feeling like you need to tell someone something and they don't seem to understand, don't be upset. You might just need to show them. Or find another way of communicating to them. Not everyone understands what you're feeling or what you're trying to say. Just try a different approach! It will be worth it!

❤ - Lady Sage 

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