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Sageism's Tuesday - Togetherness

We all spend time alone doing things. Sometimes we work alone, sometimes we are home alone.  It's okay to be alone, but sometimes having someone by your side is just awesome.  I get so excited when my hoomans come home, I jump and bring them toys to welcome them back.  I like doing things with them.  I also really like it when my friends are at the park! And all of my friends are a little different. Some like to play tug of war with me. Some like to relax in the shade together. Some like to dig holes with me or help me dig one so I can lay flat and cool my feet. It's hot out lately, ya know? I appreciate it when my friends are there to play and wrestle and explore and share moments with me. It's so much more fun with a friend!

Thank you to all my friends!

- Lady Sage

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