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Sageism's Tuesday - Healthcare

Yesterday, my adventures started off with a great day at the park. I got to see my friends, Sailor and Bandit and we played and wrestled and digged holes. Then we came home and I took a nap for a bit. Then I got to go out again! But this time, we went to the vet! I did NOT want to go. I found myself shaking. There was a nice dog there in the waiting room. She tried to let me know there was nothing to worry about. We finally went into the little room and a woman came in and gave me shots and took my blood. At the end though, she gave me treats! They were tasty. Made me forget all about my shots and stealing my blood. But after we left there, mom brought me to get my nails cut. I don't like that either! But after, I felt pretty good, walking around all quiet! 

We all have to do things we don't want to. Especially going to the vet. We have to do it though, because we can get sick without check ups. So make sure you go to your vet's or doctors to do your routine check ups. It's good for you and maybe you'll get a treat when your done if you were good! 

❤ - Lady Sage

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