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Sageism's Tuesday - Waiting

Sometimes I get excited and I run around, ready to go! I get one of my toys and wait by the door, but sometimes my hoomans aren't ready yet. So I try to be patient and wait nicely. I've been getting better in the mornings. I know my hoomans have to spend time putting on all these clothes and wash themselves. I think if they just got rid of the clothes step and groomed themselves a little during the day, it would go much faster. Someday my hoomans may figure this out. Meanwhile, I will continue to practice my patience. All good things come to those who wait? So far, this has been true for me. Take a breather sometimes when things don't seem to be getting as far as you'd like, when you'd like. Trust that sometimes everyone isn't on the same timeline. Plus, waiting could be fun. Like taking an extra break waiting while on a comfy bed! 

- Lady Sage

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