Sageism's Tuesday - Patience

I love playing with my friends at the park. One day, there was a fancy stuffed froggy that a lot of the pups worked very hard on getting rid of all the bad white guts. It's not an easy task, it's a bit of work, ripping all that stuff out! The hoomans even worked together on picking up all the bad white stuff and got rid of it for us - teamwork! Some of them became confused and tried to take the frog away from us...but that's okay, we managed to take it back, making them realize they just needed to pick up the white guts, Mr. Froggy was still needed. We all took turns playing keep away and tugs of war. What a good day it was.

So don't get upset if someone doesn't understand what you want right away or is confused. Be patient and just try to communicate a little differently. We showed the hoomans who were confused by having one of our better jumpers hop up and grab it again. They eventually understood and all was good again! Patience is great and helps in a lot of situations! 

- Sage