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Sageism's Tuesday - BFF's

I have a lot of friends that I play with at the dog park. I also have some BFF's that I get to play with almost every week. We like to catch up, smell things together, run, play, etc. Today, one of those BFF's, Sailor, came to the park! I ran across the whole park and waited for her at the gate to say hi! I get so excited when I see her!

It's good to show our gratitude and appreciation to our friends. We don't always take the time to tell them how they make us happy, support us when we are down, and how fun they can be when we're together. Make sure to take a moment and show them or tell them how you care. They are your good friends for a reason!

And I thank you for stopping by and reading my posts - I really appreciate you!

<3 - Lady Sage

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