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Sageism's Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the snow, if you're having snow today! I love snow.

Anyway, last week I got into a bit of a fight with another dog. He was a bit 'in your face' if you know what I mean and I wasn't in the mood. I told him to knock it off a few times, but that last time, well he wasn't giving up. He came at me and I didn't back down. Before I knew it, my hooman is yelling and pulling me away from this pushy guy. While she was trying to calm me down and hopefully not making me look like a baby, I realized my leg hurt and I couldn't put pressure on it. That night, my hoomans saw the hole in my arm. No big deal, I'm a tough girl. I tried letting them know that and we didn't need to go to the stinky doctor office, but she took me. Sometimes she doesn't understand what I'm trying to say. "I" thought we were going back to the park! But alas, later that night I started to really feel good and in the coming days, I'm back to my normal self, not tired or hot anymore.

So, in conclusion, I learned that sometimes standing up for myself may cause others to become even more aggressive than they started off as. Maybe just walk away or go back over to the petting stations that the hoomans are. But if you find yourself in a bit of a mess, make sure you got our hoomans to back you up!

Peace and love,


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