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My First Finished Painting as M.Wilk Studios

Oil Painting - Sage

When I finally moved fully in my studio, I was uncovering old things I've saved for a piece yet to be dreamed of, old tools, and old supplies in general. With each 'ohhhh' and 'ahhhhh' came a flood of ideas, notes written in the journal, studio being covered in piles of supplies and toys and trinkets. I had a couple of things set up, some ideas I was fleshing out, some experiments I was doing to see if I could incorporate them in these ideas. But, I wasn't producing anything I could show - not completing any of these ideas - spinning in a wheel. I think my husband realized this before I did and threw out an idea one evening - actually a challenge. He gave me one week to complete a painting on a canvas - from start to finish - due next Friday. I perked up, took the challenge and asked for topic or subject and he stated 'Puppy Love'. At first I groaned at the idea, thinking it was going to have to be cutesy and/or of a dog. But then quickly stopped as it was a challenge and I needed to see how I could interpret Puppy Love. I learned a lot with this challenge.

1. I can complete a painting in a week.

2. I love R&F Paint Oil Sticks (they are like softened butter)

3. I seemingly lost the patience it takes to work with oils and waiting for drying times

4. Sage is my muse for photography, why not painting?

5. I want to do many of these!

So now, I have a growing series of Puppy Love and am really enjoying it. Don't get stuck in your own mind - sometimes others can help move you along - don't be afraid to take on a new challenge! It may change things for the better!

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