This is a series of work exploring early childhood memories and moments. While exploring these memories, I discovered the many ways these situations and memories have helped shaped the person I am as an adult.
Each piece signifies a specific memory and touches on how they have helped shape different aspects of my personality and life. These works touch on many subjects, including companionship, nature, spirituality, consumerism, and compassion. 
The pieces were all created, while experimenting with tools, mediums and methods, ranging from acetone, gesso, spray paint, toner, and electric sanders.


Life Before Margaret Series

Goldie - 2019
Król - 2019
Prince - 2019
Female - 2019
Dove - 2019
Get Better - 2019
Male - 2019
Princess - 2019
Gus - 2019
Minka - 2019
The Accomplice - 2019